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Question: stopped working e-mail accounts that are tied to a website that is hosted on your hosting.Mail message not accepted.All broke nor of a sudden, I didn`t do anything, it worked fine for 2 years, and then broke down suddenly..What to do?

please Do a trace to Your domain: start - run - enter cmd - in the black window enter tracert YOUR DOMAIN - after click to highlight - making enter - skopirovat here in the ticket

If You are experiencing zatrudina, view instructional videos http://ded07.net/helphost/tracert.htm

Question: didn`t do anything, everything is self-earned.messages come and go.But the message that was otpravlena me today and last night,when was problems with the mail not came..so it was,you can say how to avoid this situation continue?
Question: below I enclose a tracing of the present моментMicrosoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600](c) Corporation Microsoft (Microsoft Corp.), 2009. All rights reserved.C:\\Users\\Андрей1>C:\\Users\\Андрей1>tracert inter3d.Gerasimovka route to inter3d.ru [IP]with the maximum number of jumps 30: 1 <1 MS <1 MS <1 MS IP 2 16 ms 15 ms 16 ms IP 3 20 ms 23 ms 19 ms 100ge.core.belpak.by [IP] 4 27 ms 23 ms 23 ms ie2.net.belpak.by [IP] 5 19 ms 19 ms 19 ms asbr1.net.belpak.by [IP] 6 120 ms 120 ms 120 ms IP 7 119 ms 121 ms 120 ms ae-0-11.bar2.Warsaw1.Level3.net [IP] 8 * 140 ms 140 ms ae-17-17.ebr2.Berlin1.Level3.net [IP] 9 197 ms 141 ms 140 ms ae-2-18.bar2.Munich1.Level3.net [IP] 10 184 ms 138 ms 138 ms ae-0-11.bar1.Munich1.Level3.net [IP] 11 * * * timed out for the request. 12 141 ms 140 ms 139 ms zala.host17.info [IP]Trace complete.
Question: the fact that the mail did not work, I tried to sign in to their email accounts via the control panel on the website on the link https://inter3d.ru:2083/cpsess121397224/frontend/x3/index.htmlтам tried to work with webposts (clicked the appropriate icon in the control panel ), so even in that case were given what the mistake is smpt server

the Problems with you do not have access, IP updated. Try to repeat sending email in half an hour.

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