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Question: Hello.I moved the website from domain mirovaya-eda.ru on a prescription.useron.have reposnible problem: the site opens only the main page address http://recepty.useron.ru and type http://mirovaya-eda.ru/zalivnoe-iz-ryby/ error 404. But this is understandable, because at this location there is no file.Wish that the website opened on all addresses of the type http://recepty.useron.ru/zalivnoe-iz-ryby/
Question: That is, you must do whatever the website redirecters with mirovaya-eda.ru/zalivnoe-iz-ryby on recepty.useron.ru/zalivnoe-iz-ryby

Hello. To do this you need to file .htaccessпрописать mod_rewrite rule to convert links

  if you need help to create redirects, please create a ticket in the Department of Finance, and write a task for our webmaster






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