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Question: Can I put on svaou contact page form send mail php? I heard that some hosting blocks access to it

Hello. I do not quite understand what kind of access you`re talking about and what is the problem. More info please what problem you have encountered?

Question: I want to create on my website in the CONTACT section a simple form for sending a message directly from my site. For example like this:

why can it be banned? do not see any single reason . only you forget that spammers will also polzovalas your form. put the captcha at least.

Question: I tried to create a form but when a SUBMIT button the email is not sent. Just open the window white send.php I checked, there is no dosing errors. Downloaded from the Internet other form of sending a letter, but all this error. WHITE PAGE after clicking the SUBMIT button

you probably used a form with register_globals ? search for the shape working without register_globals

Question: Can I enable register_globals? How? Read in the Internet that is safe. But for me there is no danger. I have a personal website. There`s nothing secret

register_globals is disabled globally. look for a normal script, register_globals and protected with a captcha. the network is full such free kripton

Question: But if I add on .htaccess this: php_flag register_globals on doesn`t work?

no, it will not work. why don`t you want to place on your website normalnoe software?

Question: Can`t find the form to send the letter without register_globals. And how to distinguish what form works without register_globals?

very easy to distinguish. you have it will work

Question: It is also written in html and php? Form look like? Or do I have to learn some sort of programming language?

looking for a guestbook script with captcha, or just script feedback with the captcha. ESL You need pomoa our webmaster for your script, please refer to the Department \"Finance\"

Question: So without register_globals form is a form with captcha? And I don`t want a captcha

why don`t you want a captcha? you like to read spam?

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