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Question: Hello. I have several years of using your hosting account. I am in Kazakhstan and of course the ping to the servers is not small. I wanted to know: how can I speed up page loading? Especially with mobile devices. For example this one: http://www.vsevolod-pankratov.com/vefil/contacts.phpИ the website in General: http://www.vsevolod-pankratov.comЭта the page light and accessible mobile application. But with mobile devices very annoying. Can you configure the server you need to change for my site?Thank you in advance.


Hello. the website loaded quite fast, less than 2 seconds


and this time with our server the content is loaded for half a second, the rest takes load you have placed links to remote sources, they are not loaded from our server

for all buttons and socialogic only use asynchronous loading


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