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Question: Can you tell me. The drupal site. At the root of the website there is a Linux link with the name of the site on the point. It turns out the circular reference.Accordingly, it turns out that when moving the site to a url constantly added another name website.For example, when the first call was tehnobox.org Next is tehnobox.org/tehnobox/ and so on. Maybe something with mod_rewrite?When removed, the link appears again.


How did you added the domain?

Question: Created www domain through the admin panel. Was created from and the directory for the site. It`s true, several times washed - renamed, created, without touching the already www domain.At the Registrar`s site I have not prescribed yet. Made on the computer entry in HOSTS.Until tested.
Question: the Registrar of the domain and not the website.

please Check now.

Question: Nothing has changed.Started with root, and now http://tehnobox.org/tehnobox/tehnobox/

Go to admin panel of the website and disable suspicious plugins.

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