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Question: Good day I regularly receive these emails from Yandex Metrics. Several times a month the site for some time cut down because of server problems. Asking for clarification. I can forward all emails to stop and resume operation of the site.-------- Forwarded message --------> Hello, Dad Alex!> According to the monitoring detected problems with the site availability http://www.prizer63.ru (2015-06-03 09:30:17, counter: 28729271)> > problem Description: timed out connecting to the server> > Possible causes of the problem: the Server that hosts the site is overloaded or improperly configured firewall> > See all notifications in the report \"Monitoring. Test results\":> https://metrika.yandex.ru/stat/monitoring/log/?counter_id=28729271.> > Configure notifications about the results of the monitoring, You can visit the \"My counters\" (https://metrika.yandex.ru/list).> > Learn more about monitoring sites, see: https://help.yandex.ru/metrika/reports/monitoring.xml .> > Thank you that have used our service.Because of this, the stop of the advertising campaign in Yandex. We now have an agressive advertising campaign. As a result, our advertising company is not active in ASTA time. We`re losing clients!! Waiting for a response.


chegodnya Yesterday and this morning in DC had problems with the channel, which caused temporary unavailability. Now the problem is resolved.

Question: it was 29.04 21.05 2.06 3.06 all the letters have..

all right, yesterday and today have been the problem with the channel

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