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Question: Good day!Please help me how to create a cron job so that cron does not work http://mapita.ru/cron/del_ob.phpможет is something else to add here?


you Need in the cron job add the command 
/usr/bin/php Polnymi space.RR > /dev/null 2>&1 
/usr/bin/php5 gap Polnymi.php> /dev/null 2>&1 
, indicated in minutes, 0, 24 hours, and in the remaining fields, leave the asterisk.

Try, if not poluchitsja, soobshaet

Question: no did not help, I remember before like began with wgе or something like that and it worked

power amps. an example of how you prescribed cron job?

Question: /usr/bin/php5 http://mapita.ru/cron/del_magazin.php

you need to specify the server path

/usr/bin/php5 /home/dododo/public_html< / span>/cron/del_magazin.php

Question: still not working, I remember before the path was in the second I just forgot and I your specialist ego in the chat wrote it was a long time ago and everything worked

what to do for the script? it  runs in the browser?


we edited Your crowns check, set the periodicity of its launch. Periodichnosti 1 minute may be installed only for testing. To operate preferably us the Cup once in 15 min.

Question: don`t need my crowns to edit the coordinate for two min. now I remember...

prohibited puts the job run intervals of 1 minute. we edited the time. for testing, you can put 5 minutes, but a permanent job only 15 minutes or more. job every 1 minute will be deleted. while ignoring the rules of the hosting vasona lock

Question: here`s what you need to do /usr/bin/wget http://mapita.ru/cron/del_magazin.php that`s how it works using wget
Question: Thank you.



please kindly n to violate the rules of hosting. cron job every 1 minute will be deleted. while ignoring the rules of the hosting possible blocking of the account.  You have today warned.

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