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Question: http://fxiscience.ru/fxilifebacks/ex6.php Here is the link for example, and all the rest, not open the client from the Altai region. Please see

Hello. ask them to do a trace to your domain and biodiet it in the ticket. 
please Do a trace to Your domain: start - run - enter cmd - in the black window enter tracert YOUR DOMAIN - after click to highlight - making enter - skopirovat here in the ticket

If You are experiencing zatrudina, view instructional videos http://ded07.net/helphost/tracert.htm

in tracing we going to watch why is Your client not available Your website. as poprostu ego to inform your ip. to get to know him he may come for example on the website 2ip.ru

Question: There is some problem, That my client with him, I have no familiarity, i.e. I basically can`t conduct such a dialogue, but I`ll try to communicate, maybe that will work. And on this issue, I already wrote that my site was in Kazakhstan, then I changed the ip. There`s also the problem that my website in the course does not open in other countries. The website cftcview.com.cftcview.com while in the production stage, but already indexed and there are visits from search engines for queries mainly in English, but according to Yandex Metrica - the transition is there, but the time on site of 0 seconds, i.e. the site is not open. Does not work in USA, Australia, etc. With what it can be connected and can You somehow to test it? I just don`t know much about such things.

the website cftcview.com works perfectly and Australia and in the United States. http://ping-admin.ru/free_test/result/1447049605v3r24jcn5xum8g510ceq52.html

about Your customer you can know at least the ip? potamu that witnesses \"Altai Krai\" Chereshkin blurry.


Question: OK. Understand You thank you. Will check the same. In the client everything I know - the city of Barnaul. If I find out the ip - write)

well, waiting for your information and postaraemsya to find a way to check for Barnaul



did You manage something to find out? if the problem is not solved then we can offer You a transfer to the Russian server. when usaii that you have no sites with warez and materialami that can come complaint for copyright


Question: Good afternoon. The problem seems resolved, at least to me the messages are not received. Thank You for your support. Servers better stay still for now) Thanks again

please tell us if the problem still occurs.

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