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<< Назад       Не работает сайт www.sant38.ru

Вопрос: Добрый день. Мой сайт не работает. При переходе по адресу: www.sant38.ru переводит на страницу http://www.sant38.ru/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi и пишет: SORRY! If you are the owner of this website, please contact your hosting provider: EMAIL It is possible you have reached this page because: The IP address has changed. The IP address for this domain may have changed recently. Check your DNS settings to verify that the domain is set up correctly. It may take 8-24 hours for DNS changes to propagate. There has been a server misconfiguration. Please verify that your hosting provider has the correct IP address configured for your Apache settings and DNS records. A restart of Apache may be required for new settings to take affect. The site may have been moved to a different server. The URL for this domain may have changed or the hosting provider may have moved the account to a different server.


очистите кеш броузера и смените днс на


Вопрос: Спасибо, все заработало!


<< Назад