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Вопрос: *.* открывается тестовую страница апача

здравствуйте. Вы получали уведомление? на вас поступила жалоба.


The Australian Computer Emergency Response Team (www.auscert.org.au) has
received a report of a malicious software hosted on your network.
This site is accessible from the following *potentially malicious* URL:


As at Thu Jul ** **** this URL resolved to an IP address of


for which you are listed as the abuse contact. We would greatly
appreciate your assistance in:

a. recovering any relevant files

b. cleaning or closing this site as appropriate.

If any MD* values are listed below, they are of particular interest as they
may refer to malware. Any files with these MD* checksums would be
greatly appreciated:


If you are not the correct person to be dealing with this incident, could
you please forward this request to the appropiate person. Also, you are
free to pass this information on to other trusted parties (e.g. law
enforcement), as you see fit.

If you are already aware of this matter then we apologise for the
inconvenience. If possible, we would still appreciate a copy of any
files from the host or netflows relating to this incident.

Tracking code (AUSCERT#****fc*af) has been assigned to this incident.
We will be monitoring this incident, and tracking its progress to
closure. Please use this incident code in the subject line of all
correspondence relating to this incident.

Everyone in CC field:


Any feedback you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your
consideration of this request.

-- Nicholas Soysa --
Information Security Analyst | Hotline: +** * **** ****
AusCERT, Australia's Leading CERT | Fax: +** * **** ****
The University of Queensland | WWW: www.auscert.org.au
QLD **** Australia | Email: EMAIL

NOTICE & DISCLAIMER: This email (including any attached files) is intended
only for the addressee and may contain confidential information of The
University of Queensland. If you are not the addressee, you are notified
that any transmission, distribution, printing or photocopying of this email
is prohibited. If you have received this email in error, please delete and
notify me. Unless explicitly stated the opinions expressed in this email do
not necessarily represent the official position of The University of
  Queensland. просьба решить этот вопрос

Вопрос: вероятно взломали.. там вордпрес стоял с автообновлением... можно его удалить

Вам пересозать аккаунт?

Вопрос: можно. но тогда в него надо перенести сайт *.*
Вопрос: а можно этот разблокировать. я почищу всё не нужное

досткп открыт. удалите предмет жалобы

Вопрос: готово

отпишите жалующейся стороне и уведомите о решении вопроса

Вопрос: Email: EMAIL???

да, на email указаный в жалобе

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