F.A.Q. - Frequently asked questions and answers to them.

I've bought your hosting and domain but the domain has not yet started to work. Can I use FTP to upload files?
Yes of course. To do this you have specify the IP instead of your domain in ftp-client which has been specified in the letter you've received during the activation. In the settings FTP client use the following parameters of server: ip server (when the domain is run from the server you can use it) Login: Your login Password: If you have not changed your password in the panel, use the one that you provided during the registration port - standard - 21 Use passive mode FTP client settings
In which folder do I have to upload my site?
Pages, files and php-scripts must be upload into the folder /public_html/ (or www). SGI-scripts must to be in /cgi-bin/ directory.
I can not delete a file using FTP
Try to use the File Manager ( in Control Panel). If these steps do not help please create a Support Ticket. Type the path to the file and we will delete it.
I do not know how to use FTP. What should I do to download the site to the server?
Use the file manager function in control panel. But actually, try slowly to learn working with FTP. It will save you time in the future.
In which directories do I have to place files and scripts?
public_html is a folder to place html-files, php-scripts, pictures and others. This folder is for everything available on your site. cgi-bin is a directory to hold scripts (for example in perl).
Through the web-access scripts from this folder will be available from the address
http://www.your_domain.ru/cgi-bin/name_of_script. www is label of folder public_html tmp is the directory for temporal files which are created by a Web server. In particular, for the files uploaded through the PHP-upload function.
What is "FTP Manager"?
FTP Manager is a menu which helps you to control the access to your site using FTP. FTP Manager on our servers has two menu sections:
FTP:// Accounts
FTP:// Sessions Control FTP:// Accounts - In this section you can control your users. Also if your hosting account support subdomains you can add FTP users for subdomains. FTP:// Sessions Control - this menu allows you to view the current FTP session, disconnect FTP user or complete unfinished FTP connections.
What index file names can be on a server?
The index file displays when the path indicates without specification of a filename. For example: http://your_domain.ñîì/.
The names of index files by default are following: index.htm index.php
I need information about installing permissions (chmod).
Permissions (chmod) You can change by hosting control panel in File Manager. Or by the FTP in file attributes (directory).
How to make an additional FTP access?
To create an additional FTP account you need to go to Control Panel, before the section Files, to FTP accounts.
How to change the password of the main FTP account?
The password for the main FTP access is the same as for account of control panel website cPanel. If you change the password for cPanel it changes and for the main FTP.
What is the "File Manager"?
File Manager is the web interface which is designed to work with site files on the server.
It allows you to perform basic operations with files on the server such as creating, editing, viewing content, moving and deleting files and directories.
I have deleted files but Cpanel still shows a lot of occupied space!
The fact that the volume of the occupied space in Cpanel do not updates at once. After a short period of time Cpanel will recalculate tooking place and will display it for sure.
I can not unpack RAR archive!
The server supports only ZIP and TAR archives.
What is a "directory listing"?
Directory listing displays the content of a directory when you do not have index file (index.html index.php etc.). The server can display a list of files in a directory in the browser.
Sometimes a directory listing may be undesirable and it is better to disable for security reasons. In the Cpanel " Directory listing " you can enable or disable directory listing.
What kind of catalogs are available on my virtual server?
/public_html is your web-catalog. Insert here files and folders of your website. DO NOT TOUCH! /www is alias folder public_html DO NOT TOUCH! /public_html/cgi-bin is a directory for placing your own CGI-scripts. /public_ftp is a directory for anonymous FTP-users. /_private is an auxiliary part for MS FrontPage Extensions. DO NOT TOUCH! /_vti_* is an auxiliary part for MS FrontPage Extensions. DO NOT TOUCH! /etc is an auxiliary part for a system settings of your domain. DO NOT TOUCH! /mail is an auxiliary part for mail server. DO NOT TOUCH! /tmp is an auxiliary part for statistics of visitors to your domain. DO NOT TOUCH!
Can I remove the tmp folder in the root directory?
It is not desirable, but possible. It will not affect the site.
Deleting a folder will remove the statistics.
When I download updates of the site by FTP new files obtain size 0 kb. What is the problem?
You have exceeded your disk quota of your tariff plan. Delete unnecessary files. Or go to a higher tariff plan
How can I add domain at DE zone?
You can add Punycode name. Use puny-code converter.

Internationalized domain names (IDN) are another way for intending domain names. Since the domain name system uses a subset of characters, usually something like A-Z and 0-9, priorly to the coming of punycode was hard, for languages using other character-sets such as chinese or german, to register well spelled domain names. Punycode was introduced to solve this kind of problems and is well performing on all whis kind of languages. How to add a domain? If your tarrif plan allows to add additional domains then
1. First add domain as additional in control panel
Add domain in Punycode only.
Select simple user name and directories. latin characters without special symbols and punctuation marks!!!For your convenience - write with translitas the Russian name on Latin.
Let's assume your domain Interoperabilität.de
in punicode - xn--interoperabilitt-9nb.de
But it would be more convenient for you if the user`s name and the folder of placement would be interoperabilitet and interoperabilitat respectively. So you shouldn't recall that it is covered under these characters xn--interoperabilitt-9nb.de 2. Change nameservers for your domain
3. download files to the directory specified during creation of the domain

http://ded07.net/ user panel manual
NS are specified in attributes to a hosting
How to transfer a domain to you? which DNS to prescribe?
After activating your account, you will receive a letter with settings which will indicate what ns you have to register for your domain.
If the domain is bought not with us the operation to change the dns you make on your site registrar (or use their support).
To change the DNS domain purchased from us you have to make a request in the form of changing DNS on your billing pannel. Or create a ticket.
How to place a second domain on disk space.
If your tariff plan allows to add additional domain then: 1. Add the domain as an additional on control panel
2. Change DNS on registrar site
3. Files of the site download to the directory which indicated when you created the domain.
http://ded07.net/ Using panel help.
DNS is shown in the details for hosting.
Have I change NS by my own or you will do it free?
If you will give us the data to manage the domain we can it change free.
What have I do to move my account from another hosting to you? How much will it cost?
For moving account you have to make an account on our hosting, setup NS of our server (NS setup you've got in our activate letter) and upload files of your site on our server. If your site is very big and it is very hard for you to move it we can help you to do it absolutely free. For doing this you have to give us access to the FTP of your old server.
Do you remind that the domain expires and must be extended?
Yes of course. Reminder comes once per 15 days before the expiry with periodic reminder.
I've registered the domain on my own name. Does someone except you can get to know it?
Yes, info about the owner is open and publicly available. It can be viewed using the utility Whois. For example on the site of registrar. Private registration in which you can not see the name of the registrant we do not provide.
What are subdomains?
Subdomains - are domains of the third (or more) levels of your site.
For example if your domain is site.net the subdomain will be yourname.site.net.
What are parked domains?
Parked domains are the domains wich more "attached" to the main. They display the content of the main site.
For example if you have domain site.net you can park to it domain site.com (you have to registrate this domain too). After this on both domains will be the same site.
What are additional domains?
On our hosting on a single hosting account you can have several completely different separate from each other sites.
Additional domains is a menu which allows you to create on your account additional individual sites.
When you create an additional domain in the directory public_html it creates a directory that is going to the root for the secondary site.
After the additional domain is created on the server it is enough to register the domain itself or move it to our server if you have one and an additional site will start functioning.
Can I buy only your hosting but domain elsewhere?
Yes. You just have to say to the domain's registrar to set up our NS.
I've decided to stop using your hosting. Can you transfer the free domain to another registrar?
The domain which is registered with us as a bonus can not be transferred to another registrar.
Transfer to another registrar is possible in the case of full payment for the domain for a year.
I have bought a hosting from you but I have not yet decided about the domain. Can you give me some domain?
We can provide you free third-level domain. To do this you need to contact support.
Domains are not available for sites with adult content and CAP systems.
I registered the domain but I do not need it any more. Can I return money?
Unfortunately no. Domain register and extend for a year.
How can I change the main domain account?
You can only do this by contacting with the ticket to support.
I've bought hosting but I do not know where to start!
Carefully read the details received after activating your account. They contain all the necessary information how to use hosting. Pages, files and php-scripts must be upload to the folder /public_html/ (www is not a folder, this link to public_html).
Cgi-scripts should be in the directory / cgi-bin /
You can do this in several ways:
by FTP
or by using the file manager control panel. Use ZIP or TAR archive. RAR Not Supported! If the domain is not bought from us you should change the DNS which are in the details in the letter in the properties of the domain on site of your registrar.
DNS updates several hours. for the time being you can use the server ip access. The file of the home page should be named as index.php or index.htm.
This is a help for using the control panel
I need information about installing permissions (chmod).
Permissions (chmod) can be changed by using the hosting control panel in the File Manager. Or by FTP in file (directory) attributes.
Does your server support mode_rewrite?
Yes, all our servers support mode_rewrite.
It should also be reminded that the rules of mode_rewrite do not work on ip address.
What is the path to the file? And how to find it out?
The file path determines its location on the server.
The file path is the path from the root directory of your account and the way inside account. The path to the account you can find out from the control panel. It is /home/User (where USER is the name of your account).
Then look the path to the file relative to your account. If the file is in the root account the way is
/home/User/file.name (where USER is the name of your account)
If it is in the public_html directory the way is
/home/User/ public_html/file.name (where USER is the name of your account).
What kind of catalogues is on my virtual server?
/public_html is your web-catalogue. Insert here files and folders of your website. DO NOT TOUCH! /www is alias folder public_html DO NOT TOUCH! /public_html/cgi-bin is a directory for placing your own CGI-scripts. /public_ftp is a directory for anonymous FTP-users. /_private is an auxiliary part for MS FrontPage Extensions. DO NOT TOUCH! /_vti_* is an auxiliary part for MS FrontPage Extensions. DO NOT TOUCH! /etc is an auxiliary part for a system settings of your domain. DO NOT TOUCH! /mail is an auxiliary part for mail server. DO NOT TOUCH! /tmp is an auxiliary part for statistics of visitors to your domain. DO NOT TOUCH!
I can not delete the directory. Permission denied.
Most likely folder or file was created by PHP-script and owner is 'nobody'. Therefore it can not be removed from the server from your name. To delete a directory and all its contents you can do using a script that looks like this:
The script should be called through a browser.
In variable '$deldir' at the beginning of the script you must specify the path to removed directory as to the place where the script is called.
All the files and subdirectories owned by nobody will be deleted.
I have not found the answer in the FAQ.
Refer please with the question to the appropriate department of the service user support. Technical questions to Department of Technical Support
Questions related to the payment, domain registration, postponements to Department of Finance
If you're on the tariff plans or reseler or VPS to Department of Reseller and VPS
If you have anything to offer or you are not satisfied or it is something uncomfortable to Department Complaints and suggestions.
How long do backup copies are kept on your server?
As long as you are current customer backups update every week. If you are past due payments and your account has been locked your backup is kept for 30 days.
However, if you want to come back to the site you can make an application for storage backup. And we will save it for one year long.
How can I set up my email program to work with e-mail?
Please use the following Settings e-mail: [email protected]
Login: name+your_domain.net
Password: ********
POP3-server: your_domain.net
SMTP-server: your_domain.net
Outgoing mail server requires authentication.
There are no letters in my mailbox but 7.5 MB occupied. Why?
Probably you use for e-mail e-mail clients SquirrelMail, RoundCube or Horde.
When you delete a letter it goes to cart «INBOX.Trash». Please delete letters from «INBOX.Trash».
Is it possible to forward the letters from several e-mails into one?
Yes, of course. Use on the control panel section "Aliases / Forwarders".
What are "e-mail filters"?
Mail filters - this is an extremely powerful tool for working with mail.
Filters can be used as an additional tool to protect against spam. But they can`t be used just this way.
In general, the filters is a mechanism that looks in the letter your specified match. In case of matching processing email in the manner that you specify.
The great advantage of e-mail filters is the support of regular expressions. If you know the syntax of regular expressions - no doubt you will find the use of a filter.
For example
$header_subject: matches ""[0-9]{1,5}host""
it means a coincidence in the subject of a letter with any number up to five characters, followed by the word 'host'.
In the same way you can build almost any necessary regular expression.
You can specify to filters several options to treatment e-mails: delete, redirect to another address email, or redirect the letter to processing your script.
What is SpamAssassin?
SpamAssassin is quite powerful tool to protect against spam.
To enable SpamAssassin go to "SpamAssassin" on the main page of Cpanel and click on "Enable SpamAssassin". After that, the mail which is defined as spam will be marked with a special note in the subject and message headers. If you want to delete mail marked as spam go to "Filters" from the main page of Cpanel and further to the link "Add filter".
Next, select "Mark about spam SpamAssassin", "begins from", and enter "Yes" (without the quotes) in the form.
The value of the field "designation" leave "discard". You can also redirect the mail marked as spam to a special folder 'spam' on the server.
For this on section "SpamAssassin" of Cpanel click on "Enable SpamBox".
After SpamBox will be on - all mail which is labeled as spam will be moved to a special folder on the server. You can see it by webmail (web-interface for working with mail on the server).
What are MX records?
MX records in Cpanel - is a specific configuration of the mail server that allows you to redirect incoming mail to an external server.
At the same time incoming mail does not leave on our server and we can not guarantee its safety. Please note - if you do not know precisely what are the MX records or are not sure in their actions we do not recommend somehow to change this setting.
How can I enter to the email interface?
You can use the mail interface by using the address:
I need an e-mail. How can I make it?
Mail accounts configured in the control panel. http://ded07.net/ Help for use panel.
What scripts can not be placed on the servers?
You can not place scripts of chats, online games, own e-mail systems, scripts of mailings and automated generators of doorways, scripts mining cryptocurrency (Mining, carding), trackers, all sorts of php-gateways, gate and proxy, sites promoting violence and websites selling prohibited goods.
It is prohibited to place casino sites, totes, smoking blends, narcotic drugs, betting organizations, pyramids, sites with pornography and advertising of sex services.
Scripts that create large and lasting load on the server.
It is forbidden to use scripts which are upload and download files from\to sharing services (Rapida, Torrent, etc.), upload large files for download in open access (large files which are broken into a multivolume backup do not solve the problem).
Do not use the hosting as a platform for active Filesharing for a big number of clients.
Placing public links to download from a server is considered a violation. Use CAPTCHA, limit on downloads in time and other mechanisms limiting the extra unwanted file downloading.
It is forbidden to use scripts broadcast online audio and video from the server (Use a third-party server).
It is forbidden to use scripts with a compression function.
It is forbidden to install IRC-server and IRC-bot. Web shell and a other hacker tools.
The detected sites will be deleted without warning. Funds are non-refundable.
Phishing and hack sites are removed immediately. Disconnect message in this case is NOT sent. All the information of the site is transferred to the relevant authorities of Russia and USA. The customer account is closed.
No additional information is sent.
Web site promotion through the advertising campaigns, purchase traffic/visits to the site should be consistent with the administration.
Working with large archives (over 500MB) should be coordinated with the administration.
Violation of this paragraph will be punished by blocking the account.
The minimum interval between launch crowns job is 15 min. The maximum number of open user processes is 25.
Attention !!! It is forbidden to post links to products of microsoft especially windows !!
This list can be changed with the appearance of new threats of stable operation of accounts of customers shared hosting.
How do you struggle with spammers?
We have zero patience for any type of SPAM with using our servers or passive spam to sites located on our servers.
Anyway the spam account will be closed.
Funds can not be return!!!
I have decided to terminate using your services. How to refund?
The refund is carried out within three days by all systems of electronic payments.
For the rest of the payment within two weeks of receipt the request.
Please note that payment returns for a full month. For the current month using the services pay is not returned. No matter how many days left.
In case of bonuses (free months, free domains) they deducted from the balance.
Can I use a mass mailing, not spam!
No, mass mailings even if you do it on demand of your subscribers overloads server.
Therefore, this type of marketing is prohibited on shared-hosting.
For mass mailings you need your own server or mini-server (VPS). The rules of taking VPS you can read on the page "mini-servers."
It is allowed to send no more than 100 messages an hour.
For the violation - account blocks.
Restoring backups.
If restoring is done by the customer fault or account had been terminated due long-term non-payment the restoration of backup costs $ 20.
If the damage occurred due to administration the backup will be restored free of charge.
Restore User account from backup is free of charge once a day. Backups of large accounts are not allowed to do at the day time. Backup of accounts more than 500 mb should be agreed with the administration.
Handling support.
If you have some questions that were not listed in the F.A.Q. or you have some problems you can not solve and it is associated with the work of hosting you can contact support for help.
Tickets must be in the department to which you are attached. For example if you are not the owner of VPS you should not write to this department. In compiling ticket you need to specify the correct threads reflecting the essence of the question.
Tickets with topics such as 'IMPORTANT !!!' 'URGENT !!!!' treated least. All your questions are important to us and have a high priority. Please respect the Support staff and specify the correct name of the theme. Rudeness and profanity in ticket will be punished by blocking the account.
Domain's name and mailboxes must be written in one lowercase.
Do not abuse the text written in capital letters (text words in CAPITAL LETTERS is considered like shouting, yelling is not necessary).
If you do not understand the question or are not sure why or you see an error unknown to you that is not described in F.A.Q. of hosting please always quote the link to the page where you see the problem. If to see it requires authorization you have to give props to access.
Not everyone can clearly articulate their problem. A large number of letters with technical issues back to the recipients from our technicians without answers but with some refinements. It have not to become a problem.
Problems with domains.
Domains registered through the client billing account are not the responsibility of the hosting company because we are not a direct domain registrar. We mediate for the convenience of users. You can keep hosting and control domains in one account. Also, the domains register as a bonus on certain tariff plans.
Registrar action or inaction with domains are not our action or inaction. Namely: blocking the domain for illegal content, DNS failure, untimely domain delegation, no billing, etc.
Therefore, we strongly recommend to all users after the registration of the domain, changing DNS, especially after domain extension to check WHOIS and if you have found some bugs inform us. We in turn will solve the problem as soon as possible.
If the registrar has blocked the domain for his opinion for illegal content, DNS in WHOIS will look something like this: ns1.suspenddns.com
ns2. suspenddns.com If you have found such a problem you need to contact us and provide evidence that placed on your website content is legal. We in turn will defend your interests before the registrar.
The above problems are very rare and isolated cases. Typically there are no problems with domains. However, our task is to inform you in this paragraph, that such problems exist in the global network.
My site is down without any warning, for what reason?
Sites which content violates applicable law, infringes copyrights (on the complaint of the author) block and can not be reversed. Prepaid is not returned.
I paid for hosting, but my site has been expired. Why doesn`t my site work?
If there was a long delay, account has been deleted from the server. If you have problems with payment you need to warn in advance. Data security during the delay more than a month can not be guaranteed.
Your manager refused me in the provision of services after the communication, why?
Denial of service after communication with the customer is taken in cases where the client:
uses profanity in the dialogue
tries to blackmail or threaten the company or its reputation
ñlient website in opinion of administration can threat the reputation or crash the server. In such cases the company reserves the right to refuse service to customer. Any unexpended prepaid funds will be returned to him.
Why am I asked to send scanned passport?
For the Russian domain zones from October 1, 2009 this is a necessary procedure.
I want to change the tariff and take instead VPS usual hosting.
Servers ordering at least a month. You can change the tariff only at the end of one month notice in advance about transition.
I want to return the money for the unused period, but I refused, because I used the test period. Why is that?
Because the test period is given for free for seven days and you have enough time to make sure the hosting right for you or not. Buying a hosting without checking customer goes directly to a specific risk. So we can refund the unspent balance. But If you had the opportunity to try and you consciously payed for hosting it means that you are satisfied.
Do you really have unlim traffic?
Yes, for surfing and working with databases, but we do not have unlimited traffic for downloads and distributing video.
Why did you deduct the return amount under the old tariff?
If you want prematurely end using our services and you had bonuses from tariff wich is higher so this bonus will be deducted from the balance on the old tariff plan.
When do you make payments on an affiliate program?
An order for withdrawal to the internal balance of of hosting made instantly. The remaining applications will be paid within 10-15 days from the date of filing.
Funds from the affiliate program was automatically write off extending hosting, why?
If you have minus balance billing extends the account from all sources including internal balance and affiliate. If you have no plans to renew the account but you want to retain affiliate, you must notify us about it through a support and we will modify account.
My site is blocked for a high load on the server. How to solve this issue?
If critical overload goes from your site we reserve the right to block it for 24 hours for detailed research the reasons of overloads. After this time we will explain how to proceed.
Ordered the dedicated-server, but then decided not to use - whether I can return means?
Yes, you can. $30 payment for installation of the server in Date the Center are subtracted from the sum of return if return is carried out in a month of the order of the server. Also if you refused the server in day of its order.
Do you host casino, betting, betting organizations, etc. sites?
Sites of similar subjects are forbidden to host. When finding similar sites the account is removed.
Why for registering a domain I need to provide personal data?
The entered personal data (PD) aren`t processed by us and not stored on our servers. Processing and storage of PD makes API of the domain registrar.
I had a bonus for domain registration but after the payment for the next year it did not add. Why?
Here acts the golden rule "discount on discount do not apply." On the domain registration there is no cumulative bonuses. The bonus is valid for payments for the year. If you make another payment the bonus goes to it. Therefore, you need to register a free domain during a period of paid for it.
The site was blocked because of the critical overload on the server. Can I make a refund?
It is at the discretion of administration. If the overload created a threat of unavailability of the server the administration is entitled to withhold the balance because of the material damage caused.
Where does Perl install on the server? How do I write the way to him from a script located in the cgi-bin?
The path to the Perl can be
/usr/bin/perl èëè /usr/local/bin/perl. In the script the first line should be #!/usr/bin/perl
#!/usr/local/bin/perl. All perl scripts should be placed chmod 755 or better 711 (it is more safety).
Please, help me to set up cron jobs. I want the file http://domen.net/1.php starts every day at 24:00.
you need in a cron jobs add command
/usr/bin/php spaceThe_full_path_to_your_file.php > /dev/null 2>&1
/usr/bin/php5 space The_full_path_to_your_file.php> /dev/null 2>&1
specifying in minutes 0, in hours 24 and retain in the other fields stars. or
wget -O - -q -t 1 http://yourdomain.com/cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1 key "-O -" sets the output to the console (instead of saving in a file), "-q" does it "silently" (without displaying), and "-t 1" indicates to make one attempt of connection.
register_globals off on your server but I really need it for properly working of scripts. Can I connect it?
Yes, of course. You can activate it by yourself. Servers which php works as a cgi:
Make file php.ini with code register_globals=off in directories where you want to change settings.
This is usually the root folder of the engine installation folder and admin folder. For servers which php runs as apache module
in file .htaccess insert the line:
php_value register_globals On
(using php_value* directives in .htaccess on servers where php works as sgi will lead to error 500.)
How to change the password for mysql database?
You need to remove the user of the base and create a new one. After this connect him to the database.
The server produces an error 500
Please check the rights to folders and files. 644 for files, 755 for folders. In the .htaccess file should not be php setups like php_value, php_flag. Php runs as cgi and these settings are entered in php.ini
What do I have to do to make html files becomes to work as php?
Code in .htaccess write the line
AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .htm .html or AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5 .htm .html (it depends from a settings of a server)
Installing some scripts I need to enable\disable register_globals. How can I do it if php on the server as a cgi?
Make file php.ini in the directory where you want to change the settings and mount: register_globals=off
for disable register_globals=on
for enable.
My site got a virus, what do I have to do?
If you have found: 1. modified code of your page (where the most present code is "" )
2. antivirus swears by the presence of the virus on this page.
3. you do not found anything good for yourself (sometimes the index file zero length, or incorrectly added code in php file and screen displays an interpreter error. WHAT YOU MUST TO DO: 1. first of all clean your computer from viruses, for example, by installing fresh anti-virus updates. In extreme cases you have to reinstall the system completely, because the introduction of viruses on your computer can reach such an extent that it will not succumb to treatment.
2. put all the patches (service packs) on your operating system, ñleaning windose vulnerabilities that are known to the company microsoft for the moment.
3. ñhange all your passwords, including mailboxes on free hosting, çasswords obtained for accessing to our services.
What is .htaccess and how to configure it?
.htaccess is a text configuration file which you can create in notepad and upload to the server in to your account to configure some of its parameters. You can read more in Wikipedia. http://wikipedia.org/wiki/.htaccess
I have uploaded site to the server but it does not work on the server. The site was tested on Denver.
Please remember that lowercase and uppercase letters for the web server are different. file.htm File.htm and File.HTM are three different files.
Do you have Curl in PHP?
Yes. Zend Optimizer and cURL installed on all servers.
What have I to do to for SSI begin to wor?
Write in .htaccess directive: AddHandler server-parsed .htm .html Not working again?
Write on the beginning: Options +Includes
I want to install another time zone, how can I do it?
Write in .htaccess line:
SetEnv TZ Europe/London
Or other time zone you need. You may need to add in mysql:
SET time_zone := '+HH:MM'
Internal links in joomla do not work.
In the file configuration.php find variable var $live_site and write your site in it.
I need another version of php. What version of php do you support?
If you choose a server with cpanel you can change the version of php directly in the control panel in menu: choice version of php.
If you choose a server with isp change the version of php you can only with application to support. The following versions php support on hosting:
4.4*, 5.1*, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0 * on some servers can be missing.
PHP does not work, what to do?
You need to enable php for domain. To do this go to the menu bar "WWW domains" and in the properties of the domain select on operating mode php.
I want to add one more site. What do I have to do?
You need to go to the menu bar "WWW domains" and add your another domain. Note that if the site will use php you will need to specify php in operating mode of this domain.
How can I log in phpmyadmin in isp panel?
Phpmyadmin is available to you in the control panel. Requisites to log on phpmyadmin you use those which were created by the addition of the database in the "Database". You will see those databases for which the user has the right. The user which you have created or have added to the database.
How many times can I order a test account?
The test account can only be ordered once.
What will happen with the account after 7 days?
After the end of the test period an enter to account blocks. You can always go to the billing panel and pay for hosting if you decided to stay.
Files of locked test account save on the server less time than the paid accounts files. Saving time of files of a test account is about 7 days.
If you need files please tell us in advance.
What is the difference between test account and paid account?
The difference is in time-bound existence (7 days) and in limited access to some sections of the billing. You will not be able to order the postponement and to change the tariff plan before payment.
Test account differs from paid only in restriction for sending letters to avoid spam sending - 10 letters per hour.
You always can convert test account in real by paing in billing your chosen tariff.
How can I get a test domain?
The test domain was created automatically during creation of the trial account. The test domain is specified in the activation e-mail and in your private office, in an info side panel.
For the websites with adult content, test domains isn't left.
I ordered a test account with a domain. When will my domain be available?
Your domain will work only after the payment. We do not provide registration of commercial domains as a test. If you need a test domain please refer to the Department "Technical Support".
The server produces an error 500 "Internal Server Error".
Please check the rights to folders and files. Rights must be 644 for files and 755 for folders. In file .htaccess should not be settings of php like php_value. Php works as cgi. These settings enter in php.ini. Public_html folder should have the right only 750 !!
Help !!!! my site is not available.
The first thing that you need to do- check if it is not available only to you, or not available at all. Check availability of the site for different regions you can for example by using the service host-tracker.com If the domain is available for all except you. Please trace your domain: Start - Run - enter cmd - in a black box enter 'tracert' YOUR DOMAIN. After tracert copy all the information and sent it by ticket to us. If something did not work, view teaching. video
I can not change the permissions for a file, folder, I can not edit the files, what do I have to do?
PHP-scripts which were running by module mod_php carry out on behalf of the user webserver (99). Accordingly, if the read / modify permissions have not been exposed to all (enough 666 - for files, 777 - for directories) the modification of files created by these scripts (directory) for the user will be banned (accessing via SSH, for FTP). Eliminate the problem by installing sufficient for modifying of files via the function chmod. You can do it recursively, performing PHP-script

Place this file on the site in a directory accessible for web server, such as: public_html or to the folder in which there are files that are needed to change the permissions and name file for example chmod.php Calling the script should be as follows:
or like this:
Where yourdomain.com is your domain name In the first case specify the path relative to the DocumentRoot for your website (/home/user/public_html/ in first example). In the second case - the absolute path from the root directory of the server. When you run the script with no parameters it will be changed the rights for all the files and folders, which are located in the DocumentRoot.
Captcha from google does not work.
Correct the script of captcha

define("RECAPTCHA_VERIFY_SERVER", "api-verify.recaptcha.net");
change on
define("RECAPTCHA_VERIFY_SERVER", gethostbyname('api-verify.recaptcha.net'));
I have a big size of the database, how can I import it?
You need to download the database on a hosting account, create a database and contact the technical support with the path to the dump's file and with the name of the database which you want to import.
If you have decided to import it by your own, do it at night about 0 -8 am.
I set up a script which requires details of the server, database name, login and password. Where can I get them?
The database creates in the control panel - menu - databases.
The user creates in the Control Panel. The password will be used as the requisites of access to the database.
The user should also be attached to the base assigning him privileges in the same menu panel.
For example, for the user account details will look like:
The database server - localhost
Database Name - user_created_data_base
The username - user_created_user
Password - password of this user
(note that the usernames and database name begin from 'user_' where 'user_' is your acoount name)
When you import the dumpì occurs error Error CREATE DATABASE.
Databases can be created only in the control panel. You need to remove the lines of creating a database in your dump.
I've uploaded a file of website but it gives an error type "Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: YES)"
You need to register in the configuration file of database connection requisites for connecting of our hosting. See the question about requisites.
How can I log in PhpMyAdmin?
PhpMyAdmin becomes accessible only after authorization in the control panel. You can find it in the menu bar - database.
I need to put certain coding in the database MySQL. How to do it?
enter to the phpMyAdmin interface and choose the database. Then go to menu - operation - a comparison - select the desired coding. The first command in a script after the database connection is necessary to execute mysql_query ("SET NAMES ' the_name_of_the_desired_coding ')
How to change the password to mysql database?
You need to remove the user of the base and create a new one. After this you need to connect a new user to the database.
How can I remotely connect to the database from my local computer?
You need to add your ip in the control panel in menu 'remote mysql' and report in the ticket that ip would be added as trusted. The server address is specified in the details which were sent after payment of hosting or ordering the test period.

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