Our reseller plans give you nice opportunities for building a hosting company with an unlimited amount of accounts and domains.

Each reseller plan contains cPanel - a panel for control separate hosting account and WebHost Manager (WHM) - a panel for control reseller account.

WHM - gives you the chance to control accounts of all your clients.

Today cPanel and WHM are the best on reliability. Due to intuitively clear interface you can control without effort both hosting and reseller accounts from e-mail to MySQL

Table of Reseller plans

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Reseller Plans
Plan 0.5
Plan 1
Plan 2
Plan 3
Plan 4
Cost per month
7.00 $ 14.00 $ 30.00 $ 60.00 $ 90.00 $
Discount in case of payment of term in 1 year 15 %
15 %
15 %
15 %
15 %
Installation of an account
Disk Space
7.00 GB 35.00 GB 75.00 GB 110.00 GB 210.00 GB
Only the used space is considered (OVERSELLING)
Bandwidth per month unlim unlim unlim unlim unlim
Only the used bandwidth is considered (OVERSELLING)
Private Name Servers based on your Domain
Dedicated IP address
3.00 $
Number of Domains
Domain aliases
multilingual panel

Own billing

24/7 support service


All your clients receive

All your clients receive as much resource as you determine according to your tariff plan.
You completely manage and control your resources.

Our task is the round-the-clock support of your sites and the sites of your clients.

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