About Us


Our company EraHost was created in September 2006 year. This is a sufficient term for professional formation. Nowadays we can say for sure that we are the professional team. Since day one, our goal has been to offer quality, affordable, banner-free, domain-based web hosting solutions to our customers. Over the years, we have introduced suites of web hosting solutions and applications, all available as free add-on value to our hosting plans

What we can offer you?

1. High-performance servers on the basis of Intel Xeon. Each of the servers is supplied with fourteen (14) solid-state disks (Local SSD) and 64 GB RAM. It allows to give fast loading of sites and fast operation with files on FTP. Servers locate in several Data Centres of Europe (Slovakia, Germany, France). The separate contract on server service with Data Centre ThePlanet is in the USA.
Our clients chose place of the sites proceeding from personal preferences: at whom the site is oriented on audience of the Europe, that places the site in Europe at whom on audience of the USA - it is finite in the USA.
2. The important role is played by throughput of channels. Both in the European DC and in the USA throughput of our channels - 1 Gbit/s.
3. For new users we provide the free trial period for 7 days. If you liked our service and you wanted to continue it, you need to pay a hosting. Our system will convert your trial account in real one automatically without taking into account the use of a trial period.
4. We offer registration of domains in a large number of extensions: from traditional COM, NET Ö. to exotic TV, DE, CC, etc. The majority of domain zones is affected by the bonus program. In case of payment of term in 1 year on a tariff Pro (4$/month) you can order the domain free of charge practically in any zone. In case of payment of term in 1 year on a tariff Business (6$/month) you can order two domains free of charge. In case of payment of term in 1 year on a tariff Elite (9$/month) you can order four domains free of charge. All domains ordered as a bonus are the same as the paid domains and they register ONLY FOR YOUR NAME.