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Question: Good afternoon. the morning did not see your site http://www.erosetsklad.net/ Hosting paid domain also still valid, what is the reason for the suspension of the website?

Hello, at the moment on the server where you are surrounded by a large number Your website is a powerful DDOS, in consequence of which the sites can only work partially. So if You need a quick solution, we can migrate Your account on the US server where you installed zametnoe CISCO equipment.

 if you agree, then let me know and we`ll get started.

Question: I agree


You were sent the message by e-mail, you read it?

Question: is it possible to send a text message here? the fact that the action of the mailbox stopped. due to loss of password and attempts to vostanovlenija not successful...

soobshenii was the following

unfortunately, we must inform You that due to policy changes data center to the content placed on your website, we can no longer provide You with services of shared hosting.

We can offer You a VPS (http://www.erahost.ru/vpsline.php) on the tariff plan not less vps2.

If You are not satisfied with this offer, You can leave our hosting service within three days.

Question: what steps do you need to produce something to leave your hosting but keep the domain and website DYA transferring it to another hosting?

in the domain can register DNS or other hosting today introduced a new feature to transfer these accaduto in DC, USA

can do

Question: As the transfer will be reflected on the website? if this does not cause additional costs for hosting? if significant changes will be that I agree to the transfer

the Rate will remain the same, the transfer is free of charge.

Question: carry

please Wait.

Question: good afternoon . the website http://www.erosetsklad.net/ is still not available.

please Check now.

Question: It`s all good. works


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