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Question: I uploaded the files to the server, but neither the domain name nor the link You provided, the site does not open. Please deal with my question

Hello. what is the address you open it?

Question: The server IP Address (not domain name!): IP
Question: a domain name understand you can`t go

you have not yet acquired the domain

Question: and paccomm address then I comes? You then write the test period, if at this time you cannot upload the site on server and test it

the Domain specified by you is registered for a year and free of charge for a trial period not predostavlyaetsya. Your test domain: alex2080.isp.erahost.ru

Question: when it comes to the link, I get the message Welcome !Site wiki.binargi.biz just created.Real content coming soon.

Upload your website files to a folder of domena: /www/vrn-trikotazh.EN

Question: files uploaded in the specified path, but if you open the site an error occurs
Question: I`m trying to open alex2080.isp.erahost.ru/install.php and an error occurs

In the specified error: The requested URL /install.php was not found on this server.

there is no Such file in the folder /www/vrn-trikotazh.EN

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